Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Analyze how Nguyen Du uses an element of literature to develop a theme Essay

Analyze how Nguyen Du uses an element of literature to develop a theme in THE TALE OF KIEU, or if you wish to push yourself to a - Essay Example The imageries in the tale are perceived as symbols that define a character. A common object used in the poem is the moon. Moon has a great significance to the society especially to Asian people whose cultural beliefs revolve around it. Thus with reference to Asian’s, the author has used to convey the message more significantly. For instance, Chinese believe in the goddess moon and as a result make extensively use images of the moon in their literature works. Imagery of moon has been used to illustrate Kieu, who is the tale’s main character. She is a beautiful, attractive lady and thus the author likens her to the moon in order to emphasize her character and striking physical appearance. The moon diligently and gradually shines from a crescent to a full moon within the same time period year in year out. Despite the weather changes, it is persistent to complete its course. Like the moon, Kieu faces many challenges and complications. However, her undeterred persistence and determined to retain her natural character and assume her role is alarming. She even takes the risk of engaging herself in the prostitution to defend her responsibility to her father. In addition, the moon has been used to describe other characters in the tale such as the Thuy sisters. Kieu and Van are both charming and physically attractive. Their beauty epitomizes that of the goddess moon in the Chinese culture. Men who admire and praise her because of her enticing look illustrate the beauty of Kieu. Chinese believe in a goddess moon called Chang-o, a moon ruler whom they highly praise due to her feminine beauty that surpasses any generations. According to the author, Kieu deserves such a high position in the society. Moreover, the changing aspects of her life are characteristic to those of the moon. Just as the moon changes from crescent, that only shines with mild brightness and grows into a full to assume more lighting responsibility, so do her responsibilities increase as she matures. In addition, Kim and Kieu’s lover share such deep love that they pledge vows to the moon. As they do so, the moon is shining brightly and epitomizes their moods at that point in time. Their happiness and excitement could be equated to the moon’s brightness. In addition, the poem ends with Kieu reuniting with her family and lover, Kim, after having been away for fifteen years. Author uses the imagery to illustrate her happiness by saying the moon shone unusually bright at that time (Du 161). Her past fifteen years can be likened to the numerous dark nights that are slowly lit by the moon. The unusually bright full moon depicts joyous return home. Imagery has also been used to illustrate mental conditions of Kieu. A crescent appears during cold windy night (Du 85). At this time, she is sitting at the window while waiting for Thuc. A crescent mood is used to illustrate her low mood since it produces a less bright light as compared to the full moon just as she ap pears gloomy and dull. The presence of three stars surrounding the crescent shows that Kieu has missed Thuc. This is because, to a Chinese character, crescent together with three stars represent the heart, which is also part to the name given to Thuc in Vietnamese. Lastly, the physical nature of the moon illustrates her determination to retain her original personality of innocence and faith despite the challenges in life. In her life,

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