Sunday, July 28, 2019

Analyzing movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Analyzing - Movie Review Example Set in a not so distant future, the movie depicts not just an interesting concept whether traveling back in time is possible, but it also showcases the actual concept of trust, communication and generally, relational development. As the movie progresses, we can see the stages involved in the actual development of relationship which include the concept of initiating stage, experimentation, intensifying stage, integration stage and bonding stage as the integral components of the coming together of the characters. There are many scenes in the film that we can use to illustrate the relational development among the characters, but it is important to try to figure it out how this happens in the case between Darius and Kenneth. Apart from the classified ad, it was Darius who made the first attempt to initiate the initial contact, as she started to find her way to Kenneth at the convenience store where he works. Since it was purely a business purpose for Darius, the one who must finally deci de to build up the real relationship is no other than Kenneth himself, and this means he needs to come up with first impressions about this magazine staff. His first impression about Darius looks like it fits in his essential qualification for the one he wants to travel back in time with, which must be far from what he has just experienced with Jeff. In this step of relational development, it is clear that the initiating stage has been successfully employed, as Kenneth’s first impression about Darius is someone whom he could confide with the vital information linked to the mission. This concept is certainly applied well in this scene of the movie, because of the depiction of first impression that is elemental to the initial developmental stage of relationship. In fact, this paves the way for the next stage of relational development, which is a clear consequence of the successful employment of the initial stage of relationship development. Somewhere in the movie when Kenneth w alked out from the restaurant after Darius discovered his artificial ear, is a significant highlight of the development of the next stage, which is the experimentation. Kenneth is essentially probing in this part, to know if Darius is really the one to choose in the mission. In the relational development, everything might end up here, just as in the case of Jeff and his high school crush. However, the film shows effective implementation of the experimentation stage in the case of Kenneth and Darius, just as how the latter via an emotional conversation also reveals their common ground, implying that they both experienced in their childhood years as laughing stuffs of the people around them, which is a move that leads them further to the next step, the intensifying stage. The intensifying stage is revealed in the film when Kenneth finally discloses to Darius his actual reason for going to a time travel. Darius responded with all sincerity, which eventually creates an impression on the part of Kenneth that his disclosure is reciprocated. Kenneth even discloses his talent in music, which is something that touches Darius for real, leading them to go to the next level of relational development, the integration stage. The ultimate highlight of integration stage as the movie depicts is when Darius and Kenneth passionately kiss and comfort each other on that one remarkable

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