Friday, July 26, 2019

How emotions impact consumer behaviour Dissertation

How emotions impact consumer behaviour - Dissertation Example Marketing strategies of HSBC is a clear demonstration of emotional influence on customers through cultural messages. It is also seen that McDonalds’ emotional campaigns has an edge over Burger Kings because of its ability to react to customers’ emotions rather than their minds. The data thus collected through secondary sources is summarised in the discussion to show how they cater to the research aims and objectives. Lastly suitable recommendations are provided with regards to the managerial implications of emotionally influential strategies over consumers’ behaviours. Table of Contents Abstract 2 Table of Contents 4 Chapter 1 Literature Review 8 Chapter 2 Methodology 13 Project plan and approach 13 Chapter 3 Critical evaluation and analysis of the data 15 Chapter 4 Conclusion 24 Recommendations 25 Reference 26 Bibliography 30 Research aims and objectives Since the 90s researchers have acknowledged the fact that the consumers are not always rational as the consum ers are mostly driven by their emotions. The impact of emotions on consumer behaviour is evident from different aspect of research. Some of the factors which are important in understanding the behaviour of the consumer are like recall, attention; decisions making etc. Consumers are often described as being rational in the decision and the ways they interact with different consumptions. The rational consumer behaviour theory assumes that emotions can be controlled. However many scientist believes that emotions do play a vital role in human and effects the behaviour of consumers. Therefore emotions are defined to be an intense affect, a feeling which comprises of behavioural, physiological and cognitive reactions (Boyd, 2009, p.70). Therefore this paper deals with the objective to... This research is being carried out to understand why the consumers purchase and what makes them to make the purchase. The motive to understand the consumer behaviour and the reason for its purchase caters around the concept of marketing the goods and services. Consumer behaviour portrays emotions as one of the causes of behaviour which can be manipulated for any managerial purposes. Emotions are related to contingencies of reward and punishment which influences the consumers in the market place. Therefore emotion is an appraisal of a change in feelings originated by the brain activities, it’s a phenomenon that is undetermined by a brain state because each different brain can generate an envelope of emotions, and it also depends from person to person. Emotions can be measured by way of facial expression. The best way to measure emotions is through heart rate of a consumer. This paragraph illustrates that there is no standard way to measure emotions and the impact of emotions on the consumers and in their thought process. Different studies towards consumers emotions have focused on emotional response to advertising, and on the role of emotions towards consumers satisfaction. Emotions have also contributed in the context of services such as complaints, service failure and product attitude. Holbrook & Batra developed their list in regards to emotion; they uncovered an arousal, pleasure and denomination dimension in their data, and showed that these emotions mediate consumer’s response to advertising.

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