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Larson, The Transformation of Mrs peters; An Analysis of A Her peers ( Assignment

Larson, The Transformation of Mrs peters; An Analysis of A Her peers ( Literary Analysis ) - Assignment Example ly from both primary and secondary sources and inclusion of direct quotations and assertions from the characters which makes the story fascinating and offers the audience an inordinate opportunity to see the internal thoughts of various characters (Showalter 121). To substantiate claims and offer a profound understanding of why Mrs. Peters changed, the author summarizes ideas from secondary sources, names the author in a signal phrase as well as include page numbers in interpolation. Through Elaine Hedges’ analysis, it becomes ostensible that the sink, the stove, dirty towel on a roller, and the bucket of water were all symbolic (Diana 32). They indicate how women’s role was confined to the house and Mrs. Peters has her involvement with this. Mrs. Peters herself discovers the motive for the murder; she spots an empty birdcage, poorly sewn stitches, dismantled hinges and door, a strong indication that the murderers were violent. During Glaspell’s time, women were awfully confined and a patriarchal society, and were not allowed to leave the house. They resulted to keeping birds that would help them counteract monotony. The empty birdcage draws diverging interpretation from both Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale for they knew very well what it meant (Diana 33). The author’s insinuation of the state and role of women in the then society helps us understand the reason for Mrs. Peters’ change and have a profound understanding of the entire s tory. The world of women was criticized and trivialized by men. They could hardly see the wisdom and intelligence that the women possessed. Through this, the author offers a profound explication of how men belittled women and questions the ideals that the society was based on. In a topic sentence towards the end, the author articulates that by the end of the story Mrs. Peters had been transformed from a law abiding citizen to one who mutely censured and snubbed the law. To typify the point, he goes ahead to provide evidence of

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