Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Nahil computers company internship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Nahil computers company internship - Essay Example Currently, the company focuses on the sale and support of its diverse range of products in the Saudi Arabia kingdom. It has established a network of branches throughout the Saudi Arabia kingdom. An outstanding factor about the Nahil Computer Company is the fact that the company has been a leader in the market indulging in the distribution, reselling, as well as system integration of both computers and other computer related products. The Nahil Computer Company’s focus is to promote customer satisfaction of a remarkably high level. The company ensures the quality of products and service reliability, as well as the establishment of reputable brands. Recently, the company has indulged in downsizing its operations by adjusting its structure. The structural adjustments and the downsizing of the structure have served to propel the company to higher success. When the company started, it had less than ten employees and a single office located in Riyadh. However, the company has exhibited growth over the years and has numerous branches across Saudi Arabia. The company’s vision is to become the most preferred and trusted supplier that provides personalized, modular and turnkey IT solutions. In addition, the company seeks to ensure that it provides the best available services to all the customers (SÃ £vulescu 76). The company’s mission is to ensure that it achieves a 100% customer satisfaction through the launching of high-quality products and providing customers with remarkable support. Therefore, the company has technicians with outstanding skills who ensure that clients make the right decisions and provide them with cost-effective solutions. Since the company focuses on creating a positive customer relationships, it seeks to improve its quality in order to provide customers with their products. One of the outstanding core values of the company is the organization that seeks to ensure that customer choices and opinions have the priority (Mohammed 1). The

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