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Reflective Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Reflective Assignment - Essay Example Reid (1993) posits to the effect that a reflection is a process of reviewing an experience of practice in order to describe, analyse, evaluate and so inform learning about practice. Having undertaken the Glo-bus business simulation in a team from early October 2012 up to the end of January 2013, the aim of this report is to carry a reflective analysis of the experience I gained from working in this team. This simulation game was supposed to put us in a realistic and competitive market setting as well as to try to manage the company’s operations. The decisions made were supposed to be evaluated against the decisions made by other competitors comprised of other class members. In order to win the simulation, teamwork is a virtue. From the Glo-bus business simulation, I can safely say that we attained something positive though we also encountered negative aspects in our team. Therefore, I would like to start by reflecting on the things we have done well and I will also reflect on the areas that were badly done. The main part of the paper will focus on the theoretical framework of the concept of teamwork as well as to reflect the measures that can be taken to improve the success of teams in organizations. Summary of the simulation game My team was comprised of Anyta Burton, Vira Yurcheto, Muntazer Mohammad, Agil Mohastov and myself. In this team, we were supposed to log on to Glo-bus and familiarise ourselves with the system. We were also supposed to work on the weaknesses identified as a team in order to improve the performance of Glo-bus. We were also supposed to have periodic group meetings that were designed to reflect on the progress made as well as to highlight the areas that needed some sort of improvement. The major strength in our team is that our communication system was clear and open and there was mutual understanding among all members. The team leader played an active role in coordinating as well as controlling all communication processes in the group. All decisions made in the group were reached through consensus and consultations among all members of the team were held prior to the implementation of the decision agreed. We realised that this strategy was very effective in dealing with aspects related to conflicts among the members of the team. The other strength is that we managed to influence all the members of the group to have a positive sense towards the simulation process that we carried out. Indeed, we encountered some challenges in carrying out this exercise but to a certain extent, it can be noted that the combined efforts of the group members played a significant role in carrying out the simulation exercise. The main weakness we encountered in our team is that some of the members were not very confident in what they were doing. This certainly impacted the overall performance of the team. We identified seven weaknesses that were supposed to be dealt with. Only two of them were solved while the remaining five requi red solutions from us as a team. The problem here is that team members like Agile lacked confidence in themselves and they did not effectively play their role. For instance, Mo was backing Agile Mohastov after realising that he was slack in his performance. We also had little confidence in him that he would perform to a high level of performance and requirement. This certainly i

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