Sunday, October 6, 2019

School Nurse Roles Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

School Nurse Roles - Research Paper Example In fact, only 93 (22.63%) respondents out of 411 were not nurses yet they were in one way or another in the allied health profession. Some were still working on their certification in nursing or have an undergraduate degree in allied health sciences . Also, the survey appears to have drawn a bigger participation rate in smaller districts with 1-4 schools in the district (47.32 %). The questions were sent through IASN list serv which reached over 625 people. Upon analyzing the data , it was surprising to learn that out of 409, respondents only 52.81% of the schools in the district have a Registered Nurse. This is quite disturbing since some schools in the district have enrollment rates as big as 40,000 students. As previously mentioned, the schools in the smaller districts were even more staffed with RN than those schools belonging to larger districts. Also, most of the school nurses are also responsible for other schools in the same district. Moreover, most of the schools have only 1 RN with no health aide (CNA) to support the nurse. Although some have CNAs to assist them, others have only secretaries or clerks to support the medical staff . Unfortunately, even the assistants work on a part-time basis and perform different roles in the school too The survey also revealed that smaller districts have even more nurses than those of schools in larger districts.

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