Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Changes to America Result from Civil War and Reconstruction

In the late 1800s, the civil war and the revival period brought about a big difference in America. After the Declaration of Independence, regardless of race, many social changes are necessary to protect the rights of all people. The result of war and reconstruction changed the political, social and economic landscape of the United States. Document A proposes economic coordination through Congressional speech on new banks and currency strategies. In documents B, C, D, G, H there is a big social change in the United States. The civil war has had a great influence on the United States politically, socially and economically. Because of the civil war, the politics of the United States changed. After the end of the civil war, Republicans dominated China's politics through rebuilding. This is a fundamental Republic rebuilding plan implemented in the south. For a while, some Caucasian southern people did not participate in the political process. They are banned from parliamentary elections b ecause they are former leaders of the Congress or because their country has not yet re-approved Congress. Because of the fundamental fundamental Republican rebuilding plan, many Caucasian southern people will support the Democratic Party after having been able to participate again in the political process for years. Many African Americans have supported the Republican Party for years, watching the Republican Party finish slavery and helping them by giving them some rights. How does the US civil war affect the economic, political and social structure of the United States? What is the main change that it caused? Civil war is the turning point of American history, the era of reconstruction completed the change brought about by the result of civil war and war. At the same time, the result of civil war and reconstruction was disappointing with the majority of the American people, especially the slaves who were one of the main promoters of the civil war, but reconstruction gave them basic rights and freedom. . However, the status of African Americans has not changed much. Nevertheless, while the civil war and reconstruction set the foundation for further development of the United States as the country, at the same time, civil war and reconstruction are the basis for further discussion among different social groups, such as social tension among different ethnic groups It was. A relationship

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