Thursday, August 8, 2019

Elisa aims and method need to be paraphrase Essay

Elisa aims and method need to be paraphrase - Essay Example This difference is made clear through the drawing of a standard curve, by making use of concentrations that are known; belonging to antibodies of Rabbit IgG. e. Incubation was done on different amounts of rabbit IgG. Micotiter plates were then cleaned by use of washing buffer, three times; and washed again after blocking them with blocking buffer. They then were refrigerated, ready for use in the practical. 1- For the monoclonal antibodies, the left half of the plate got used.As in the illustration below in a picture with blue colour; in the first column, 200ul of monoclonal mouse anti-rabbit IgG was added. 100ul of diluents buffer PBS was then filled to columns 2 and 6, for the monoclonal antibodies as in the below illustration. 2- Then, 100ul of mouse anti-rabbit got transferred from A1 to A6 inorder to have the sample diluted and from well A6 100ul of mouse anti rabbit IgG antibody thrown away. A repeat of the process was done on the rest of the

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