Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Ethics of living Jim Crow and Euripides Essay

The Ethics of living Jim Crow and Euripides - Essay Example They fought with weapons such as cedar poles while hiding behind trees. That war was taken a notch higher when the white boys started using broken bottles in their warfare, which resulted in Wright getting an injury on the head (Wright 289). As Wright becomes elderly, he is forced to look for a job and the only place he can get one is from white people. His whole experience of working for white people is not smooth since he comes across hostile white people. In some jobs, he is forced to leave since he is tortured and in others he adapts by applying tactics from past experiences (Wright 292). The point of this autobiography is the exemplification of the various survival skills Wright employed as a Negron in a Whiteman environment. Wright learnt how to get what he wanted from a hostile environment and people by applying tactics and strategies which he had learnt the hard way (Wright 298). Medea is a play by Euripides, and its context is based in Corinth. Medea got married to Jason after betraying his father, and they ended up getting two children. The initial stages of the play depict that Jason has changed his mind and wants to marry Creon’s daughter named Glause. At the same time, Jason has intentions of exiling his wife and two children from Corinth. Medea is to be thrown put of Corinth reason being that she is a sorcerer. Creon and Jason see Medea as someone who is clever and capable of fighting against oppression. They decide to exile her from the country, reason being, she is a sorcerer which means she is cleverer that men (Luschnig 10). The play is about Medea, a clever woman who is hated by most people around her. The play’s sole theme is on the issue of women oppression. In particular, Medea goes through injustice when Jason and Creon conspire to banish her out of the country. In the play, women are subjected to subjugation by their male counterparts. The play further shows that women are limited in terms of socializing

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