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Historical Event in S. Korea that Affected on Family Business, Work Essay

Historical Event in S. Korea that Affected on Family Business, Work Experience, Life (1910-2000) - Essay Example A short history of how things were in the period 1910-1945 In 1910-1945, Korea was colonized by Japan. Changes were clearly noticed in the way the country carried out its political, social, economic endeavors. Not much was done in the business perspective of this country. The Japanese took over the Korea’s fertile lands, their buildings and businesses (Savada and Shaw 1990, 24). During this time, the country was in dire need for capital and advanced technology. Japan took up the responsibility of making sure that Korea had a good infrastructure. The Japanese were tough in their rule, and did their best to make sure that the Korean people assimilated the Japanese culture including the types of names, their kind of religion and even their national and official language. In this period, most citizens never thought of Korea’s economic development. They had lost their power and control of their own nation. They concentrated on earning for their basic needs and lived in extre me poverty. Fortunately, my great grandfather had a small store where he used to make and dye fabric which sustained him in the hard times. He was able to give his family a good life. My grandfather was advantaged to even go to Pai Chai Hak Dang, one of the expensive schools; this was rear at that time. Chai Hak Dang was the most expensive intermediate school then. Most students who were lucky to enroll into these schools dropped out because of lack of school fees. They were then employed in factories, publishing firms and in farming activities where they lived a desperate life due to the low income (Chance and Thatcher 2012). At last, the Japanese surrendered in 1945, and by 1948 the South Korean republic was formed by the democrats while the republicans formed the republic of North Korea. In 1950, South Korea was captured by North Korea. During this time, my grandfather was only 17 years old. He describes this time as the hardest that ever occurred on the Korean soil. The North Ko rean army and the USSR had joined hands to make life unbearable. He was scared and couldn’t stand the thought of him ever losing his family or his own life because people around him were dying every day and to the living, their hopes were destroyed because of the ongoing war and lack of basic needs. Young South Korean men were forcefully recruited into the army to fight, and my grandfather had to hide from them. It was impossible for him to look for necessities for his family. He stopped thinking about his bright future and only thought of how to survive. My grandfather’s family moved to safety in the south and on their way, they witnessed the death of many people. At this time, he was captured and joined the army forcefully at the age of 18 years. He was well educated, and this gave him the opportunity to join the cadet where he worked for ten years. Note that as from 1945, as noted by (Pike, 2011), many experienced Korean cadets came back to their country and had for med the armed forces. Under the rule of the U.S.A, the group was dissolved, and its members were taken into the defense force which comprised of 25,000 heads of soldiers. In 1945, the U.S.A. organized for an academy where the cadets were trained. The cadets were commissioned immediately they cleared their Basic English education. United States took up Korea on the 27th day of the seventh month in the year 1950 under the leadership of General McArthur. As a cadet in this organization, my

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