Friday, August 9, 2019

Proposal for Lighting Festival Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Proposal for Lighting Festival - Case Study Example You may handover the product and get a replacement free of cost from the store where you have made the purchase. If you are not in a position to revisit the store, kindly arrange to send an email to the undersigned who will take immediate action to collect the product from you replacing it with a new one at our cost. Even though we are sure that what has been reported might be a stray incident, we simply do not want to undertake any risks on the health of the infants, as we value the interests of our customers more than our economic values. We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to you in this respect. It is with deep concern that the management brings to your notice that there has been a serious customer complaint on the product 'infant car seat'. The customer has complained that she has found fragments of glass in the upholstery of the seat which is a serious issue as it may cause dangerous bodily harm to the infant being carried in the seat. Such complaints not only bring monetary loss to the company due to lower sales on account of bad reputation and law suits for huge monetary compensation but also tarnish the image of the company built in the market over the last six years. The management wishes the employees to understand the seriousness of the issue and take all the extra precaution necessary to avoid such mistakes in the future. If any worker is found to be directly or indirectly responsible for the occurrence of such incidents or for non-detection of such complaints he/she will be reprimanded and punished as this is considered as a serious issue that may affect the future business of the company and your future also in the process. We advise each one of the employees in the manufacturing department to be more vigilant in adopting the safety procedures which are already in place for checking the product thoroughly in the assembly for any alien materials. Perhaps some of the employees do not understand the procedure due to language problems. The management though it to better to train all the employees to be proficient in English language so that the safety procedures can be followed effectively. Arrangements are under way for imparting the necessary training. Further safety procedures to be more effective in this direction are being instituted for follow up by workers. The management once again reiterates the seriousness of the issue and warns all the employees to be more cautious and vigilant. Email Dear Mr. Dolan Further to your note on the issue of the customer complaint on the product 'infant car seat' I have made a thorough investigation in to the issue. I have made sure that nothing has gone wrong in our manufacturing location. There is a possibility that this thing might have happened in the store or at the customer's home. But I did not want to do a post mortem of

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