Saturday, September 21, 2019

Democracy in the uk Essay Example for Free

Democracy in the uk Essay I love reading romance tragedy books. Firstly it gives me the opportunity to identify love; how love growths, what specific element bring the personas close and attached emotionally. Furthermore it gives in-depth information about love and the aspects of love, this is interesting because love is part of everyday life and a lot of people can relate to it which makes it relatable. Secondly the readers (I) feels inclusive and as well as learn from it in order to prevent the mistakes made by the characters in  the book, or to Improve relationships which will benefits me and also it makes the story appealing and interesting. Thirdly reading a romance book is a really great to relax and escape from the day-to-day world. In addition, I paint a picture which helps me create an image in my head which almost seem like I am watching a movie this makes the book very intruding and makes me yearn to read more. There are certain types of genres that I don’t enjoy reading such as fantasies this is because it is unrealistic as it a paint an unrealistic imagine  which doesn’t make the book relatable and most often it discouraging as the readers do not feel inclusive. I would certainly prefer it if it was mixed with a different genre for example romance etc†¦ However it may suitable for people who wants to escape from the real world and have an adventurous reading. For instance children. I enjoy writing when I am depressed or confused this is because it gives me the sense of relief as I get to express my feelings, thoughts and  decision this helps me ease stress all the stress as it doesn’t became a barding so by having this relief I tend to a solution any problem I’m going through. Reading helps me to explore different thing so by this I read almost every day for example newspaper on my way to college, I have an hour 15mintes journey. Reading keep me awake and rejuvenated as I get to read about different this that’s going on in the world and celebrate gossips etc†¦ this helps me to be ready and prepared for my lessons as  my brain helps my brain stay active. I am reading novels I stopped during exams session ‘vampire beach’ and the following novel is called ‘ritual and legacy’ I am very intrude to read this book because I enjoyed reading the other novels as it meets to my expectations and the genre of the book is also about romance, supernatural and seduction which makes it very interesting as there’s different stories in the book because of the riveting, variety of themes as the reader don’t get fatigue.

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