Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Professional Identity of Nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Professional Identity of Nursing - Essay Example The professional image can be recognized as the insights, feelings, beliefs, and ideas that people tend to possess regarding the nurses and the nursing. In the last ten years, it has been observed that there have been major alterations in the images of the nurses. Media has been largely responsible for creating a somewhat derogatory image (Andrew, 2012).     It will also highlight upon the impact of professional regulations and the role of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in the protection of the public. Value of Modern Nursing In the nineteenth century, nursing was not considered as an identity as well as self-conscious occupation. Until the year 1923, one was free to describe him/herself as a nurse. A sick person was generally provided care at home by the members of the family or he/she was assisted by one or two paid workers. Nursing was regarded as a duty which was an extended part of a woman’s domestic roles (Mortimer, 2005). ... Nursing essentially involves providing care to the vulnerable, needy and weak patients. However, the works of the nurses are often taken for granted and thus they go under-compensated (Stockwell, 2010). The value of nursing is often impacted by cultural alterations and factors associated with globalization, progresses made in the fields of technology as well as medicine (Braxter & Bramfitt, 2008). These factors are crucial in offering a structured as well as evaluated view regarding what nursing is, which will lead to greater job satisfaction among the nurses, better nurse maintenance as well as improved patient care within a supportive as well as the peasant organization (Horton & et. al., 2007). It can be observed that since the mid-1970s, nursing commentators have become highly conscious of the images of the nurses with regard to professional identity by moving in the mass media, claiming the fact that nursing is distorted and poorly comprehended by producers, writers as well as v isual image makers (Horton & et. al., 2007). The modern dilemma faced by the nursing profession has been related to the gendered identity of healthcare professionals. Most of the people have the wrong perception that nurses are generally female. However, the fact is that nurses may either be male or female (NursingTimes, 2010). Social, Cultural and Political Values Physical and emotional closeness along with intimacy are considered to be values that are stimulated by modern nursing feeling in the nurse-patient relationship. They are administered through a form of knowing the patient thereby creating a feeling of proximity (Charles-Jones & et. al., 2003).  Ã‚  

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