Saturday, September 28, 2019

Uncontrollable randomness in life Research Paper

Uncontrollable randomness in life - Research Paper Example ‘The Birds’ a movie is set in Great Britain where humans are unexpectedly attacked by birds. The government of Great Britain fails to protect its citizens from the attacking birds. This movie depicts a situation where nature has turned against the human race and causes massive deaths (Bishop 135). Humans are unable to control nature which is represented here by the birds. Christopher D. Morris argued that the birds in Hitchcock’s film are more of a contribution to the gothic drama industry they an interpretation of natural phenomenon (Bishop 136). The presence of the birds can be understood as a method Hitchcock uses to bring out his favorite theme: destructive force of the patriarchy (Bishop 145). In the movie, Mitch tries to nail boards across the door but the birds still manage to break these defenses (Bishop 138). Patriarchy in the movie posed a greater threat to Melanie than the birds (Bishop 139) Some things happen in life that are random and beyond the human control. Birds attacking people in the Hitchcock’s movie is an example of such events. However, some critics argue that birds in Hitchcock’s movie should be interpreted as a method to bring out the theme. This paper concludes that Hitchcock used birds to depict uncontrolled situations in life as well as build on gothic

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