Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Foundations of Teams and Teamwork Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Foundations of Teams and Teamwork - Assignment Example This is because the success of a manager heavily relies on the teams that a manager has been able to build in an organization. Team building in an organization is a continuous process and involves the manager being able to deal with the internal dynamics of a team; issues of tasks and selection of the team members and also the management of the external dynamics; proper evaluation of organization’s environment both internal and external in relation to the team development and proper management of relationship amongst the team members. If a manager is able to fully deliver on internal and external dynamics of team building, he or she designs not just a team but an effective team (Thomson, 2008). This way, the effective team is able to properly function and achieve organization’s goals and objectives as stipulated by the mission and the vision statements. There are many factors leaders and in this case managers evaluate to determine if there is need for a team or not. Such factors include organization’s goals and objectives, the nature of the organizational tasks and also the organizational resources; financial and human resources. Organizational goals and objectives are directed by the mission and vision statements (Thomson, 2008). A leader who is focused towards effectively meeting the goals and objectives of a company and at the same time achieving the mission and the vision of the company would need quite effective and functioning teams. The nature of organizational tasks is also vital in deciding whether to have teams or not. Literally, simple tasks do not need teams to undertake them but complex tasks do. Organizational tasks such as market design and market analysis needs effort of more than one individual to adequately cover the entire market population and to adequately deliver. An organization that has no financial a nd human resources is not

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