Monday, September 23, 2019

What science is Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

What science is - Essay Example Science is not rigidly hierarchical or absolute, and McComas argues that the word hypothesis should be changed to the more accurate word prediction. I could begin to define the nature of science by saying it is a way of knowing (a process of observing the world), and add that scientific knowledge changes over time, is based on theories, and involves individual human imagination and creativity (Lederman 1998). Science is based on observations of the natural world which lead to generally proven theories. Although our understanding of the natural world can change, we should arrive at conclusions using the scientific method: proposing hypotheses and proving or disproving them by experiments. There are no permanent conditions, because experiments sometimes lead to changes in the hypothesis, and no single set of assumptions works across all the sciences. Formulating and testing scientific ideas to come up with new knowledge demands diligent collection of data and multiple experiments. Scientists ask questions, and knowledge gathered during the inquiry adds to society’s knowledge bank. The learning experience itself becomes an imperative, just as important as solving the problem. There are always elements of uncertainty in scientific inquiry, but the knowledge derived from it is relatively reliable (Nickels, Nelson, and Beard 1996). As scientists examine the information placed before them, with a particular question in mind and armed with the tools of scientific inquiry, they must always remember that research could disprove their theories. They must remain as objective as possible. They begin with questions, but should proceed to answer the questions using reliable methods: accurate and thorough data collection and multiple experiments. Alters and Nelson (2002) also present a view of how science is taught and realize some shortcomings in the teaching of science. High school biology is often the

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